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Foundation Repair is a major home improvement project. In most cases, it requires the help of an excavating company to get the job done right and stabilize the foundation. But what exactly can we do? And what services do we offer? The foundation is the most critical part of a building as it supports the entire structure and ensures its stability. Any problems with the foundation can lead to severe structural damage and compromise the safety of the building’s inhabitants. Your basement is essential if you want to keep the moisture and dirt away from your valuable possessions. 
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    Assessing The Damage To The Foundation

    At Saskatoon Excavating, we assess your Foundation present and potential issues to better solve the problems by strengthening your existing foundation. Could the damage be the result of a lack of field drain on your property? Caused by too much snow accumulation in the over the winter? Or tree roots growing too close to the foundation? Is the grading proper on your land?

    Foundation repair, sealing, Basement Waterproofing, can solve all of your basement problems, large or small. Whether you have water coming through your basement walls, floors, cracks, doorways or windows we have a reliable, effective solution. With many years of basement waterproofing experience, Saskatoon Excavating are your 1# choice for all of your waterproofing needs. Quality is Our Brand. Foundation Cracks can be repaired by injecting epoxy or urethane into the crack. This will fill the void and stop water from leaking through. Before getting there, we will do the digging with the right equipment and make it easy for you. From digging new footings to preparing ground surfaces,

    We may suggest a plan of action after preparing grounds surfaces that include reinforcing or replacing parts of the foundation, digging new footings, adjust certain areas such as beams or columns if they are found to be inadequate. This could include adding steel reinforcements, concrete supports or whatever is necessary to ensure the new foundation is strong enough to support its load. Installing a new drain system can alleviate the water stress in the spring, we can help you with this as well so the repairs.

    Basement Foundation Repairs

    If you’re like most homeowners, you’re probably concerned about the foundation of your home. You want it to be sturdy and able to withstand the test of time, but you also want it to be watertight. Thats where our expertise in basement waterproofing comes in. We offer a variety of services that will protect your foundation from moisture and pests, and even ensure that the foundation remains dry. Contact us today for a free estimate, and let us help you keep your home safe and dry! ​

    Foundation cracks have a different source, including house foundation settling or shifting, water damage, and tree root growth. Cracks in your foundation create space and allow water to enter your basement, leading to mold growth and wood rot. Foundation cracks can also create trip hazards and cause doors and windows not to open or close properly. The earlier we fix the issue, the lesser the cost will be!

    We use the latest technology and equipment to ensure a flawless finish, leaving your house untouched. With our team of professionals by your side, you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of quickly and efficiently.

    Type of Foundation Crack

    Vertical and diagonal cracks are usually due to settling of the foundation or Construction tension. These types of foundation cracks are common and not cause for worry. Horizontal cracks, however, can be indicative of soil pressure and should be looked into further. Stair step cracking is also a sign of poor construction practices.

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    Common Problems with Foundations

    As stated earlier,  one of the most common issues is drainage, which can cause water to pool around the foundation and weaken its structure. If not addressed in time, this can lead to cracked walls, damaged electrical systems, and mold growth. Drainage solutions such as French drains, downspouts, or sump pumps to ensure that water doesn’t remain pooled around the foundation can be installed.

    Another issue that should be monitored is soil movement or shifting. This happens when there isn’t enough support for the foundation and it begins to sink into the ground. This can cause significant damage to walls and floors, as well as create gaps between window frames or doors that won’t close properly.

    Preventative Maintenance To Avoid Foundation Damage

    Preventative maintenance is an essential part of avoiding foundation damage. Watch for nearby trees and their roots. Observe the water level if there is any pool lasting for a long period of time. Taking preventative action now is always preferable to waiting until you have a problem with your foundation.

    It’s worth taking some time now to make sure that your home’s foundation stays strong and healthy for years to come.

    Waterproofing Basement

    Don’t let a wet basement become your reality! Saskatoon Excavating offers tried and true waterproofing solutions to help prevent basement leaks and keep your home dry. Our exterior waterproofing solution repairs your leaky basement from the outside of your home, while our interior waterproofing solution is the best solution for a damp or flooded basement. We use the necessary waterproofing material to create a foundation waterproofing system that will redirect and disperse water away from your foundation walls and away from your home. We also take care of hydrostatic pressure that builds up and causes a wet basement. Make sure to keep your home dry and safe!!

    Polyurethane resin

    Polyurethane resin is an ideal solution for repairing basement foundation cracks. It offers superior adhesion and strength to ensure a long-lasting repair. The resin expands and contracts with the foundation, preventing future cracks and seepage. It also provides a waterproof barrier to keep moisture out of the basement. Our experienced team can provide safe, reliable and effective basement foundation crack repair with polyurethane resin. We have a proven track record of successful installations and our work is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your basement foundation crack repair needs

    Crawl Space Encapsulation

    Crawl space encapsulation is the perfect solution to keep your basement dry and free from humidity issues. We can have a professionally installed encapsulation system that will provide better indoor air quality, improved energy efficiency, and prevention of structural issues and insect infestation. Our expert technicians will take care of your basement with a vapour barrier, sealing tape, and dehumidifier to ensure that your crawl space is properly sealed and insulated. Investing in an encapsulation system is an excellent way to make your home safer, better, and more valuable. Contact us today to learn more about this home improvement method and how it can benefit you.

    How Much Does Foundation Repair Typically Cost?

     Foundation repair is an important part of many home maintenance and renovation projects, but it can be expensive. It’s important to understand the typical costs associated with foundation repair before committing to a project. Depending on the severity of the damage and the size of the area that needs repair, costs can vary significantly.

              It’s common for foundation repairs to cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to upwards of $15,000 or more. The cost depends on how much work is needed, whether it’s related to draining issues or structural damages, and what materials are necessary for the job. If there’s extensive damage and multiple areas need repairs, then the overall cost could be even higher. It’s usually best to get an estimate from a professional excavating company before beginning any project. Call Us to know the extent of your damage and to assess your foundation repairs.

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